VAZ 2106 1500S ORIGINAL 1989

Original paint,1989,excellent condition,no rust,55000km.From just one owner.Perfect interior.Exellent technical condition,everything is checked and serviced,ready for TUV,ready for driving.Exellent car.Price:5799€

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Exellent condition,original paint,no rust,1986.Perfect technical condition,everything is checked and serviced,24000km.,Perfect interior like new.BG EU papers.Shipment Worldwide.The shipping to Germany costs 300-500€.Price:6499€

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VAZ 2109 Lada Samara

Original paint,1995,very good condition,no rust,no scratches.Perfect technical condition, everything is checked and serviced,46000km.BG EU papers.Shipment Worldwide.The shipping to Germany costs 300-500€ Price:2499€

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VAZ 2103 1977

Very good condition,92000km.,perfect technical condition.Outside refresh painted before many years by the first owner.This car have one owner.No rust,no scratches.Price:4799€

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Zhiguli 1973

VAZ 2101 Zhiguli Жигули 1973,excellent condition,no rust.99000km.Outside refresh painted before 25 years,always have been in a garage.Perfect technical condition,ready for driving,ready for TUV.Perfect interior.BG EU papers.Price:5799€

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ZAZ 968 M

Original paint,very good condition,no rust.Exellent interior.Very good technical condition.The engine is working perfect.Price:2999€

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