Lada VAZ 2106

Lada VAZ 2106 1989.Perfect condition,55000 km.Excellent technical condition.Shipment Worldwide.Delivery to Germany costs 300-500€.Price:5999€

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Lada VAZ 2102

Lada VAZ 2102 in great condition.1984,perfect technical condition,38000 km.Shipment Worldwide,delivery to Germany costs 300-500€ Price:7999€

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Lada VAZ 2103

Original paint.Great condition.1978,BG EU papers,22000km.,perfect technical condition.Shipment Worldwide,delivery to Germany costs 300-500€.Price:11999€

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Skoda 120L

Original paint.Excellent condition.1987.Perfect technical condition,49000km.BG EU papers.

Shipment Worldwide,delivery to Germany costs 300-500€.Price:4199€

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